Voici une information importante si vous voulez demander un Visa pour pour un voyage en Russie. Cette information a été transmise par le patron de la société rusmototravel, merci à lui!

Il y a eu du changement au département en charge de visas pour la Russie.

Visa Russie

Si vous demandez un visa touristique valable 30 jours, attention aux dates! Des personnes effectuant un voyage organisé en Russie se sont vues obtenir un visa uniquement pour les dates du tour, et non pour la durée de leur séjour. De ce fait, pour éviter les soucis administratifs, faites bien attention à vos demandes de visas, et aux dates figurant sur vos invitations!

En ce qui me concerne, avant d’y aller en 2020, je vais y retourner cette année pour voir si c’est vrai…

English Version: VISA TO RUSSIA

thanks to rusmototravel for this information !

VISA TO RUSSIA, MAY 2019 update. Important!!!

Making visa to Russia is always a problem as there are many things to do – application form, invitation letter, medical insurance, visa counsel fee, time…

Standard tourist visa is 30 days long and till recent times it was granted for this time period to everybody without any problems. So it doesn’t matter if you go to Moscow for 5-7 days, embassy will give you 30 days visa. If you ride Moscow-Vladivostok 25 days tour you will get a 30 days visa as well.

In April there were HR changes in Ministry of Foreign Affairs, particularly in the department that is in charge of visa questions. New head of the department was appointed.

And we see that from April our guests from Germany, Italy, France and other countries instead of 30 days tourist visa get visa just for the tour duration. So if its 9 days tour in April its a 9 days visa. If its a 25 days Trans-Siberian tour in June, its a 25 days visa.

Also if visa duration is more than 14 days tour program must be attached to the application documents as well. Nobody requested this before.

Please be aware of this and if you want to stay in Russia some extra days after the tour tell us about that so that we can make invitation letter with this extra days in the end.

Last change, at least some good news…))) For USA citizens instead of 30 days Russian embassy offers 3 years visa. Why? We have no idea..)))

Its a pity most of our guests have to pass visa process, but its not so difficult and we can always help you. Please dont hesitate to contact us if you need any help.

All the best, see you!

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